February 9, 2002


Subject: AztlanNet: the circus called "Chicana" art and mvs
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 11:28:11 EST
From: Sedeno7@aol.com
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<mvsedano@yahoo.com> 2/8/2002 wrote:   > But I can't get on the list of a pinche closed museum? Just for that  I'm going to show up and make rude remarks at people, ...........and get myself thrown out. As I'm being flung out the front door, I have a speech. "You don't like my opinions about Art? What is Art? Ha! I've been thrown out of better places than this, .,...........Then, I'll diguise myself, ................and get thrown out again, only this time, I'll  be "Or my name isn't Pedro RomeroSeden~o!"

Dear Michael V. Sedano,   as a matter of professional courtesy,  please keep my name out of your idiotic and vicious postings of this type, especially re Latino Museum.  The idiot-mitote on this LOLista may start to circulate the notion that this stupid joke of a posting of yours actually happened.  Ya sabes como es la bestia.   Better yet, discipline your misguided digits to open a book about postmodern performance sometime, instead of wasting our time writing pamplinas.  Educate your small self, and us, and be of service to this lista, instead of a punk pseudo-intellectual, which is all this posting shows you are.  See if you can read A Handbook on Guadalupe, Park Press, 1997

I have put my career on the line since 1990 trying to educate a museum, the Museum of New Mexico, about Chicano issues;  I doubt Michael Sedano would ever have the balls to do that, anywhere. and I indeed legally entered the Museum with an original  postmodern performance, a cultural intervention,  questioning the Museum's ignorance about our people's traditions, such as making ofrendas to Creator.  I reiterate here that Alma Lopez has every right to make whatever, and if this Museum wants to prop the notion that what she made is of artistic merit, I, Pedro Romero, have every right to question the merit of the "work".  This is all I have done during the course of this debacle, i.e. is to address this circus the Museum has made of "Chicana" and "Chicano" art. And you, Michael Sedano, with all due respect, show you are just a clown in that circus, Pinhead. I have belittled the work in some postings, it is true, I am not perfect, I have returned ridicule for ridicule, the ridicule and belittling of my community and my people y mi Dios.      "c/s"