February 14, 2002

Subject: Re: AztlanNet: M. Sedano Moral Coward? (probably)
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 17:46:12 EST
From: Sedeno7@aol.com
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To: AztlanNet@yahoogroups.com
CC: TraveisaBlue@aol.com

Traveisa, please get off the "censorship" kick you and Alma are intent on attaching to my stance; you are fostering a lie about me, as censorship has not been my approach, as I reiterated with each posting in the AL/PR dialogue.    As per "judgement", that is part of the territory of art, no?;  our artworks are "judged" all the time, and I have communicated my "judgement" of Alma's piece just as you have communicated your 'judgement" of her work her work tambien. .  

If there is a "Guadalupe Taliban" here, it is Alma Lopez, who thinks she rules the domain of knowledge of Guadalupe, but her concept of Her is illegitimate and bogus.  I say illegitimate because Alma doesn't even believe the apparitions took place.  And so is yours, if you think "our lady" represents anything similar to what is represented in the Icon.  Instead of constantly whining like a teenager about the issues, why don't you respond like a mature artist, analyze and refute my assessments, read up with books re Guadalupe for starters.  I can recommend several.

As per mvSedano, Seh-DAH-no, I quote cycocat who posted yesterday: M. Sedano is a middle management paper pusher who wishes he had written the Chicano equivalent of Don Quixote.   DITTO!