December 2004




From: "Sarah Carter"


Subject: new fan

Date:Thu, 9 Dec 2004 19:43:12 -0800

Hi Alma, I was writing a paper/essay entitled, Guadalupe: Mother of Mexico or American Pop-Culture Goddess, and while researching I ran across your work. A student at UCSC had written an analysis of your series: Lupe loves Sirena, and posted their paper online. So, after I finished with my work, I checked out yours. It is outstanding! I actually could have drawn a couple of parallels between your paintings and digital work, and my discussion of Guadalupe in pop-culture religious kitsch. Maybe next time... Anyway, I was wondering if you have prints for sale anywhere (I am in San Diego). I am a poor student and can't afford paintings. Thanks in advance for you response and Good Luck! Sarah