June 17, 2001

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the real sad story here is just what the catholic church and its supporters have done to brainwash and catholitize the worlds uneducated populations...they sent their missionaries into vast regions to "convert" the natives....the church is one of the wealthiest companies on earth, why not spend some of that wealth on our poor and down trodden.....also there is the sexual conquests of their priests and just how quietly that topic has been swept under the rug for years....i was raised devote catholic until i wised up and found another way to honor God....i support any artwork that encourages and provokes thought and discussion ...after all isn't that what real art is about anyway!!!!!! and do not let the naysayers distract you......moto


Subject: Re: [AztlanNet: ARTS|LETTERS] A MESSAGE
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Indian Wars
Salem witch trials
House on Un-American Activities
Rodney King
14+++ dead Mexican Immigrants
Persecution and Genocide in the name of Religion, Economics, Politics and Cleansing.

"El Diablo sabe lo que sabe por viejo, no por Diablo"