June 18, 2001

Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 2:21:46 -0700
From: "Carmen Beaudry" <moreplentyn@earthlink.net>
To: almalopez@earthlink.net

I have read some of the news articles about your artwork, but had never seen it before visiting your website.  I find the collage to be beautiful, strong and very spiritual depiction of the Virgin.
There will always be those who cannot see a woman as anything but a sex object, especially if the parts of her body we have arbitrarily decided are 'obscene' are shown.  Perhaps this is because these people are obsessed with sex.
I am very interested in seeing your other work.
Carmen Beaudry


Subject: Coverage in Mexico
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 13:55:38 -0700
From: Chris and Dianne Chrisman <chrisanddianne@prodigy.net.mx>
To: almalopez@earthlink.net

As you might have learned by now, there was a long article about your painting in the English newspaper in Mexico called The News.  The article seemed to be balanced. 
I looked at the disputed picture, and found it radical but not terribly offensive.  Artists, through the ages, have helped us see the world a different way -- and this artwork is no exception.
I agree with some of the other commentaries that the Virgin of Guadalupe has eclipsed Jesus Christ in the religious practices of many people in Mexico.  This is clearly more offensive to Christianity than a new look at a very familiar image.
Chris Chrisman, Queretaro, Mx. 


Subject: From many moons
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 16:35:29 -0700
From: "Nakagawa, Alan" <NakagawaA@MTA.NET>
To: "'almalopez@earthlink.net'" <almalopez@earthlink.net>
CC: "'produceartcenter@yahoo.com'" <produceartcenter@yahoo.com>

Hello Alma,

I opened the Art In America and BOOOMMMM!!!



You know, when "SPARC" comes up, I think of the many people we got to meet, all ages, all ethnicities, all political perspectives, all sexual preferences, both pro art and anti art. Through that island of utopia, I don't know of many who have persevered and gained the momentum that it takes to grow into the responsibilities of being an artist.

I can certainly respect your momentum. You are communicating a very important message because it is a basic and simple truth that has yet to gain universal acceptance.


-Alan Nakagawa