July 1, 2001


Subject: ¡Bravo!
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 07:46:39 -0600
From: "Aubrey and Yuvonnia K. Owen" <papinani@espanola-nm.com>
To: almalopez@earthlink.net

Stay in there, Woman! You are right and have nothing to fear. Sheehan does not speak for the Church in New Mexico. The flap over this is only a symptom of the many problems the heirarchy has caused by not following the words of Jesus Christ, "love your neighbor as yourself." It has consistently acted fearfully, trying to please everyone. We are in the middle of a revolution of faith but the few who cling to recent past and condemn those who love are vocal. The rest of us just keep on loving & praying for insight, compassion, strength and guidance. Our lady must be smiling as she holds you close. Yuvonnia Kornegay Owen


Subject: lady
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 12:10:24 EDT
From: PapierB@aol.com
To: almalopez@earthlink.net

Dear Alma:

It is both freighting and puzzling to see the power of a misdirected mentality clothed in the church.

If there ever was a need to educate our population regarding freedom of speech and in particular the right of the artist to create without fear-it is now.

My best wishes for your continued artistic endeavors and safe passage through these trying times.

b r u c e l. p a p i e r

santa fe, new mexico


Subject: La Virgen
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 13:04:10 EDT
From: La1sirena@aol.com
To: almalopez@earthlink.net

For too long have women had to struggle to prove they are worthy of the respect and rewards that they have worked so hard to attain. For too long have Chicana/os been oppressed. Perhaps I agree with your image...perhaps I do not. However, I do know that as a young woman trying to make my place in a world full of all kinds of oppression-class, race, gender, religious-if this image symbolizes your struggles, your voice, and your empowerment than that is the bottom line. To take away your voice is to take away my own and too many people forget that these days. Suerte en la lucha hermana!

Con respeto,

Adriana C. Lopez
Stanford MEChA Co-chair 2001
M.A.Y.A Unity Center External Communications Liason/Summer Youth Program
Resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana