July 6, 2001


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From: Octavio Romano <oromano@tqsbooks.com>
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In the Mexican Revolution, the revolt was against the institutions, Catholicism included, but especially against the NAFTA of its day when foreign capital owned 95% of Mexico, like is happening today.

The case of the Naked Virgin is not an attack against the institution, it is an attack against the poor people of northern NM, with the collusion of California Chicnoas who preach daily about mutual respect, but when the chispas are down, they reveal, 1: a disdain toward the Hispanos of NM, and 2: a growing disdain for things Mexican. This dual prejudice, in California, goes under the name of "Progressive."

Had the Mexican revolt been patterned after the Alma Brigade, they would have attacked the peasants, as has now been the case in New Mexico.

O. Romano


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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 09:08:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cal A Vera <calacavato@yahoo.com>
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In this day and age I find it amazing that Chicanos still uphold catholicism and "sacred" images like la virgen. Catholicism and la virgen we're meant to pacify us. Looks like it worked (especially in New Mexico).



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From: Cal A Vera <calacavato@yahoo.com>
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Pedro Romero <romesedeno@yahoo.com> wrote:

response from P.Romero:

M. Sedano shows little value for the fact that the Mexican nation placed the Lupita on a cultural "pillar" since 1810 when Padre Hidalgo and his followers took up the traditional Lupita image as the standard to lead the war of independance against Spain. Also did Villa and Zapata in 1910 against the tyranny of Porfirio Diaz, who censored Mexican traditional culture during his reign

If we look at the Mexican Revolution we will find anti-catholicism running throughout. Especially in the years after 1920 when the revolution put many restrictions, rightfully so, on the church.

Subsequently Mexico had the Cristero revolts where fanatical catholics took up arms against the state (they assasinated one of the Mexican presidents, the name escapes me).

The Cristeros eventually formed a political party and became the PAN.

There is definately a history of anti-catholic church sentiment in Mexico. Unfortunately more people have bought into the church.



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Dear Alma,

I'm struck by the beauty and spirit of your work. Also your friend who is the focal point.

My friend, photographer Robert Heron, and I were discussing "Our Lady" and I was sharing the image you e-mailed. We travel to New Mexico every chance we get. He thinks an insight I have is significant and wonders if you ever thought this in creating Our Lady.

Before I give you my insight, I want you to know that I'm a modest collector (only when there's $$ laying around) and I have a painting by John Galvan who is a Denver southwestern impressionist. John used to do sitting portraits of homeless people and create his own gorgeous frames of gold leaf. I have his painting called "Willy." I felt John's point was to take people in the depths of despair, and somehow by painting them and framing them in gold, he was in reality demonstrating their dignity and pride.

My insight is what your friend who is the subject in Our Lady not only is like Willy in a sense, but moreso, she has a lot in common with the Mother Mary. Was Mary given the choice of having a baby or not? It seems to me she was ordered or told without any consideration given to how she felt about it.

Let me know when you have time how you feel about my opinion.

Sherry in Denver