July 11, 2001

Subject: Re: [AztlanNet: ARTS|LETTERS] FWD: Give us your opinion on this matter
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 23:52:02 +0000
From: Octavio Romano <oromano@tqsbooks.com>
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Mr. Marco Loera:

I read your call for a dialogue about sexism in the Mexican/Chicano culture.

Marco Loera said:
I guess I bring this up to start a dialogue about sexism in the Mexican/Chican@ culture since some of the discussion on this list these past months has bordered on blatant sexism against women, in the name of "La Virgen."

Señor Loera:
Your statement is NOT a call for a dialogue. It is a CONCLUSION. Obviously, you have made up your mind even before any dialogue begins.

Please be informed that I totally, irrevocably, and permanently refuse to play the game of "All Latino mans are bad mans."

When you are ready to discuss EVIL MEN and also EVIL WOMEN, let me know.

I clearly recall reading about the knights in shining armor of the olden European days sallying forth to defend innocent maidens.

As phrased, señor, your call to a dialogue smacks more of medieval Europe than the contemporary world. Unless, of course, you want to play the game of Prince Valiant.

In that case, you belong in the Sunday Comic pages. I hope you have shined your armor.
To repeat: When you are ready to discuss the subject of evil WOMEN as well as EVIL MEN, perhaps, then, we can talk.

Octavio I. Romano-V., Ph.D. T.Q.S.