July 27, 2001

Subject: Our Lady in Ms Magazine (Aug/Sept)
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 08:13:43 -0700
From: Alma Lopez <almalopez@earthlink.net>
To: alma310@yahoo.com

Friends, please read pages 84-87 of this month's Ms Magazine (Aug/Sept). Thank you Hollis Walker! Also mil gracias to all the wonderful family and friends who have lived this with me. Especially everyone who wrote letters and emails of support. 18th Street Arts Complex for their concern and precautions after receiving death threats. Denise for your keys in case I needed to run to safety. Everyone at the museum, especially Tom, Joyce, and Tey. Tey's mom and family. Joyce's friends. Laura and everyone who had to answer the museum phone. The Cyberarte artists for standing in solidarity. Las Malcriadas artists for the exhibition of support and Goldie's brother the bodyguard. The ACLU and the National Coalition Against Censorship. Artists such as playwright Sylvia Vergara who are using this incident to create/write. All the inspiring Chicana and women of color feminists literature and art... and the list is long so I will thank you personally. Thank you.

A brief update on the adventures of "Our Lady" in Santa Fe...
The "Our Lady" digital print is scheduled to be on exhibit through October 28. On May 22, the Committee on Sensitive Materials recommended that the CyberArte exhibition remain on display. On June 16, Deacon Anthony Trujillo and Jose Villegas filed appeals to the committee's recommendations. On July 13, museum director Tom Wilson denied their appeals. "Nowhere in your appeal do you recognize the rights of all points of views to be heard, the hallmark of a free and democratic society," wrote Wilson. "Nor do their requests address the importance of the Museum as a place to present changing ideas and concepts, a mission shared with other museums accredited by the American Association of Museums and one that is central to the educational responsibility of museums in today’s world," said Wilson.


Subject: art column for rocky mountain news in denver
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 12:11:58 -0600
From: chandlerm@rockymountainnews.com
To: almalopez@earthlink.net

dear ms. lopez:

my name is mary chandler, and i write about the visual arts and architecture for the rocky mountain news in denver. i was in santa fe during the opening of site santa fe (and to see a lot of other shows), and saw the cyber arte exhibit at the folk art museum.

i would like to include material on the show (and other folk art shows) in a column for saturday, aug 4, and wanted to ask you for permission to reproduce the image of your work that has prompted such discussion. i just got off the phone with joyce ice, who said she thought that might be a good idea. if you could give me the okay at your earliest convenience, i would appreciate it.

thank you, and hang in.... i thought it was a wonderful exhibition, in the true spirit of cultural connection that is a hallmark of that museum.

mary chandler


Subject: Re: Our Lady in Ms Magazine (Aug/Sept)
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 16:27:25 EDT
From: ArtLopez1@aol.com
To: almalopez@earthlink.net

Congratulations Alma at your success in making your voice heard; your victory in this struggle affects all Chicana arists and latina women. In this we share your joy.

Best wishes in all that you do,
Yolanda M. Lopez