August 5, 2001

Subject: Women have a voice
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2001 12:30:31 -0400
From: "Janet Tracy" <>

To Alma Lopez
Modeled from a poem by Wallace Stevens

The Plot against The Sun
for Alma Lopez that she may always be victorious against men like Jose Villegas who attempt to silence women.

Virgin de Guadalupe

When this Chicano "activist", this Jose Villegas Sr. comes yelling
Sharpening his words
I shall stand in front of him
Radiating the scent of promises
Out of roses and freshly dug musky earth
and an eclipsed moon,
It will interrupt him.

La Llorona

I shall run beside him,
Spreading robes of white gossamer sprinkled with stars
As bright as moon drops
Spilling from my eyes, turning to
Slivers that
Will stab him.

La Malinche

Ha! el . . . . el pendejo!
I shall run after him
Chasing with lungs filled with moonglow
With an inquisitive song
He will stop his pandering then
I will walk ahead with confidence
Perfumed womb, black eyes dancing
It will silence him.

Ms. Lopez:

I am in awe of your art. I am not Hispanic, I am a white woman but I find the struggle to be one of sex, not race, of art and our right to speak out as we can. Good Luck. This poem is a small attempt on my part to support you.