August 18, 2001

Subject: Letter of Support and request for use of display
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 18:56:12 EDT

Dear Alma and Company:

My name is Violeta L. Ramirez, the writer of the attached article, published in the Dallas Morning News.  I am writing to request that you contact me.  My comadres of Dallas are organizing a Virgen Exhibit in December at the Women's Museum of Dallas, and would be honored if you would agree to allow us to use your image on the invitations.  

We would also be greatly honored if you would allow us to display your image, since your piece inspired the idea for this event.  We hope to display Vigen images that depict generational shifts of views regarding the Virgen, and the relationships that are shared by the artists who are selected.

Please let us know if you would consider our request.

More power to you manita.

Violeta L. Ramirez, Cynthia V. Anzaldua, and Viola D. Valdez
Ixachilan Cultural Center