August 29, 2001

Subject: Re: [AztlanNet: ARTS|LETTERS] Re: troublemaker
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 16:23:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pedro Romero <>

--- michael sedano <> wrote:
> No, P.Romero-S, noted troublemaker and art terrorist
> living up to your rep,

P. Romero responds:

Michael Sedano is the one trying to pin this rep on me and this has not been the first time, but usually it is the dominant culture that does so. Politics makes strange bedfellows. But, as George Lopez says "I don't invent the standards, I just report them". I came out against the Museum of Folk Art here in New Mexico (and MOCMA, tambien) and its propping up relevance for Alma Lopez' corny girlie poster of the Image of Guadalupe, and I have come out against the Museum of New Mexico before. For this, I am branded a "troublemaker", when actually the trouble is ignorant people in positions of power working to distort and misdefine our culture. A statement I made in 1990 is that I'd rather be an artist than an unemployed critic of museums. Simply because I don't toe the M.Sedano and the Aztlan-Califa party line, Michael brands me terrorist. Estas chifla'o, Sedano bootlicker.