October 3, 2001

Subject: I can't thank you enough
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 09:38:17 -0600
From: "Evans, Meg" <Meg.Evans@COMPAQ.com>
To: <almalopez@earthlink.net>

A newpaper picture of "Our Lady" is a part of the shrine in my house to my deceased mother.

Mom had a collections of Guadelupes that would rival most gift shops. She had collected them over the years, inclluding one that was a round, pregnant looking ceramic. Her favorites were the "Guads" in mexican flag-colored robes. She also preferred those with Indian faces rather than some of the more anglicized pieces which had been done.

Mam would have loved "Our Lady," and would have bought copies of the newspaper clipping and sent the pic's to each of us kids, her adult grandchildren and a few select friends who also appreciated her. She would have loved the meat on the bones, the "attitude" look on the pic, and appreciated the roses clothing her.

I will be going through Sante Fe on my way to a memorial for another lady with attitude October 26. You can believe I will be stopping at the Folk Art museum to get an up close and personal look at "Our lady"

Again, thank you so much for reminding us that beauty and holiness are in the eyes of both the creator and beholder.

Meg Evans
aka( megerina@yahoo.com)