October 15, 2001

Subject: Our Lady is over the top.
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 15:04:15 -0300
From: "adagio" <adagio@coqui.net>
To: <almalopez@earthlink.net>
CC: <adagio@coqui.net>

I can see why the Deacons are offended but I don't see what Holy Fasting has to do with this or how it could affect any outcome. They are not Ghandi.

I'm not a prude nor do I believe in any religion since most of them treat women as idiots or slaves.

I believe in free speech and when I don't like something I just don't look at it. Even bad taste must have it's place.

Though you have made a religious figure look like ten dollar whore waiting for business on a Juarez streetcorner, you've only managed to impress me as a person desperate for attention, albeit negative. Freda Kahlo you are not.

The thing that really struck a chord in me was something I read a long time ago  in a book about Mexico. It stated that the macho culture sees women as either saints or whores. You've managed to combine them . Whats next on your agenda? Perhaps Selena nailed to the cross?


Subject: You have a right to free speech
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 15:48:16 -0300
From: "adagio" <adagio@coqui.net>
To: <almalopez@earthlink.net>
CC: <adagio@coqui.net>

I am a very liberated woman and have been since before it became popular. My Mother was a tough and independant soul too. W e also knew one thing. When you do something controversial you'd better be ready to take the heat or get out of the kitchen.  I live in a land of  machistas and I never miss a chance to put a fool in his place when I'm patronized or someone tries to talk down to me.

 All major religions are for men by men.  Your painting ignited a sore point concerning control over how a religious figure should be viewed. That is why I dont believe in participating in religions. They are all about controlling your thoughts, your actions, and especially putting women "in their place"  .  When was the last time you  saw a female priest?  If you really want to portrait Hispanic women as strong, paint a female pope.  But you'd better get ready to take on Rome because thats where the head honcho lives. Remember that your belief in a Virgin Mary is just as much brainwashing as the two deacons whose hackles you've raised. THe only difference is that they don't like her with her clothes off.  The Catholic Church encourages machismo therefore as long as you adhere to any of their principles you are sleeping with the enemy, so to speak.

La verdad duele.
Nikki and truly liberated.


Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 16:18:04 -0600
From: "Helen Lopez" <hllopez@laplaza.org>
To: "Alma Lopez" <almalopez@earthlink.net>

Hello Alma, I hear you are coming to Santa Fe at the end of the month. I haven't heard details - I hope to be there to participate in the great removal! My husband wrote a letter to the Taos News about the lawyer priest from here who filed that lawsuit - saying if he really wanted to use his law degree, he should represent poor people on matters that really concern them.

I will send you a copy when it is published this thursday.

Let me know if you will have time for a drive to Taos - it is an hour north of Santa Fe - a big art community. And fall is very beautiful here.

-- helen