December 7, 2001

Subject: Fwd: AztlanNet: Re: chamacas en pelotas
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 03:49:52 -0000
From: "mvsedano" <>

I find it refreshing to see Aztlannetizens discussion art. Thanx.

Too bad that's not really what's going on.

Romero's revisionist and selective memory regarding his participation in nihilist protest would have a reader believe Romero and his henchfolk were engaged in aesthetic debate set against a cultural landscape. If that had been the entirety of their activity the Urrutia-Romero dialog would earn praise amd Romero's gang of outraged elites would be respectable.

But the protestors engaged in economic subversion against individuals on account of ideas, and that is immoral. The protestors, rather than simply making their argument about art and culture attempted to have the curator and museum director fired. Fired for their pursuit of an idea. Fired for their belief in a cultural fabric that Romero's group opposed.

Attacking a person's livelihood on account of their beliefs equates with totalitarianism. Romero, your position is inherently corrupt.