December 31, 2001

Subject: one hot mama

Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 08:23:48 EST

i am writing a paper on guadalupe for rosemary radford ruether's class at the graduate theological union in berkeley. part of it includes images of guadalupe and i stumbled upon your web page as i was searching for a quote........

how marvelous!

i can understand all the hoop-la about your "image" but good grief! if a vision isn't playful, then we might as well go home!

i love the earthiness of your guadalupe; my understanding of liberation theology IS its earthiness. god/dess is with us, here and now, enfleshed and all that!

so thank you; keep on painting.

and besides, who can complain about your image when the very light of guadalupe is a vulva, for christ's sake!

thank you

una ni riain, MDiv
oakland CA