US Archbishop objects to artwork depicting Mary in floral bikini

Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan of Santa Fe has protested against the "trashing of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe" in a photo collage that depicts her dressed in a bikini made of roses and held up by a bare-breasted angel.

"Such an image has no place in a tax-supported public museum," he said. The digital photo image, titled "Our Lady," was created by 33-year-old California artist Alma Lopez.

It is part of an exhibit, "Cyber Arte: Where Tradition Meets Technology," that recently opened at Santa Fe's state-funded Museum of International Folk Art.


"To depict the Virgin Mary in a floral bikini held aloft by a bare-breasted angel is to be insulting, even sacrilegious, to the many thousands of New Mexicans who have deep religious devotion to Guadalupe," Archbishop Sheehan said last week.

CNS 3-Apr-01