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"A dog may bark in his master's defence, and am I to stand by silent when God's holy name is blasphemed? I would sooner die than forbear to speak" — St. Jerome [Spirago-Clarke, The Catechism Explained, page 345.]


News Report: Bikini-Clad Madonna Can Stay: US Judge

The image will remain on view until the end of October

A controversial portrait of the Virgin of Guadalupe wearing a floral bikini will remain on show after a US court refused to order a gallery to take it down.

Protesters had said the digital image of Mexico's national representation of the Virgin Mary was offensive and insensitive after it went on show in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in February. But a judge has decided that the city's Museum of International Folk Art can keep the picture, by Mexican-born Alma Lopez, on its walls because of a legal technicality. Alma Lopez says the picture shows a strong woman The image will now be on view until the end of October — a date that was set as a compromise by the museum in May.

Protesters took the museum to court because they said its decision to hang the piece and leave it up violated the state's open meetings laws. But State District Judge James Hall said the law required those who were offended to notify the venue that they had broken the laws before resorting to court action. And removing the piece would not be the right course of action even if the proper notice had been given, he said.

The picture, called Our Lady, shows the icon with her hands on her hips and being supported by a bare-breasted angel. Some detractors had staged protests at Santa Fe's Museum of International Folk Art, saying the work was sacrilegious. The Most Rev Michael J Sheehan, archbishop of Santa Fe, said Ms Lopez had turned the Holy Virgin into a "tart". More than 750 people attended a public meeting about the piece in April before the museum decided it would not remove Our Lady — but cut the length of its exhibition by four months as a compromise.

Ms Lopez defended her work, saying she intended Our Lady to show a strong and beautiful woman. "I see this woman's legs and her belly and [the angel's] breasts, and I don't see anything wrong," she told the Los Angeles Times newspaper in May.

The Cyber Arte: Tradition Meets Technology exhibit, which includes the collage, was originally being due to continue until February 2002 but will now close on 28 October "in the spirit of reconciliation".

More than 35 New Mexico churches are dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The phenomenon began in 1531 when the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared to Juan Diego, a Christian Aztec, near Mexico City, prompting stories of miracles.

This blasphemy calls for direct, violent action against the culprits. Their blood be upon their own head! Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)


Message 11204 GoanCauses From: gerry ferns Date: Fri Feb 21, 2003 6:17 pm Sub: Re: Sacrilege & Blasphemy::MASQUERADE: PRAX MASKAREN

My dear Mr. Prax Maskaren,

Seems like you are getting too involved with yourself,like King Henry VI, or like Mr Adolf Hitler--what with you attributing aphorisms to yourself--

Get off your high horse you sweet butter chicken,who is trying to masquerade as DEFENDER OF THE FAITH!!!

Thanks for your efforts, but no thanks for your self inflated,hyberbole.

The Virgin Mary and the Catholics are fully capable of defending themselves and their own personal beliefs and religious conviction. With respect, were YOU to be shown in the same posture, we would have defended unto death your right to say what you have said.

My dear Milk, please do us and yourself a favour!Stop behaving and masquerading as if, God has granted you a MONOPOLY on being Right, ALWAYS AND EVERYTIME!!!!

Unfortunately this Medium does not lend itself to further physical action, or else we would gladly kick your arse to defend our convictions!!

Geraldo Fernandes Advisor, Goa Justice & Labour Foundation.


Message 11210 GoanCauses From: Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas) Date: Fri Feb 21, 2003 10:28 pm Subject: Re: Sacrilege & Blasphemy::MASQUERADE: PRAX MASKAREN

Thanks Gerry. From your language it is amply obvious that you are a sodomite — a homosexual. As for kicking arse, what makes you think so much like a moron that you should think that you could do it without any reaction from the other party? Do you live in a world bred by hallucinatory drugs all day, queen? And stop worrying about what we Catholics will or will not do, bother about your own miserable Modernist Vatican II sect. Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)


Contra Geraldo Ferns

In a way, I am surprised by this catamite's sudden and evidently unprovoked attack, but, in another way, I am not. The sodomite makes charges against me that which are not true of my posting relevant to this discussion, but which, I suspect, is actually meant against me in my other postings. Moreover, his charges are unclear: I do not know what he means by his allegation that I am ņņ attributing aphorisms?? to myself — I must confess that the sodomite has foxed me on that one...

Anyway, it is below my dignity to exchange words with a sodomite, therefore, I will ignore the vermin.

However, as far as my original posting is concerned, I provide the following clarification: In the Holy Bible, we have this telling instance, when the Israelites had been seduced by the Moabite & Madianite women at the suggestion of Bala'am ben Be'or, and God was provoked to wrath and threatened retribution, Phinees, grandson of the High Priest A'aron appeased God's wrath by spearing Zamri ben Salu. Moreover, and tellingly, Phinees earned a rich reward from God. The moral of the story is that Phinees acted voluntarily, without being prompted and commanded, actuated by confidence in the righteousness of his faith and by his zeal for the Lord: Numbers 25: 1-13 (Confraternity of St. Joseph Version) 1 When Israel was living at Sattim, the people degraded themselves by having illicit relations with the Moabite women. 2 These then invited the people to the sacrifice of their god, and the people ate of the sacrifice and worshipped their god. 3 When Israel thus submitted to the rites of Ba'al Phogor, the Lord's anger flared up against Israel, 4 and he said to Moses, "Gather all the leaders of the people, and hold a public execution of the guilty ones before the Lord, that his blazing wrath may be turned away from Israel." 5 So Moses told the Israelite judges, "Each of you shall kill those of his men who have submitted to the rites of Ba'al Phogor." 6 Yet a certain Israelitie came and brought in a Madianite woman to his family in the view of Moses and of the whole Israelite community, while they were weeping at the entrance of the Meeting Tent 7 When Phinees, son of Eleazar, son of A'aron the priest, saw this, he left the assembly, and taking a lance in hand, 8 followed the Israelite into his retreat where he pierced the pair of them, the Israelite and the woman. Thus the slaughter of Israelites was checked; 9 but only after twenty-four thousand had died. 10 Then the Lord said to Moses, 11 "Phinees, son of Eleazar, son of A'aron the priest, has turned my anger from the Israelites by his zeal for my honour among them; that is why I did not put an end to the Israelites for the offense to my honour. 12 Announce, therefore, that I hereby give him my pledge of friendship, 13 which shall be for him and for his descendants after him the pledge of an everlasting priesthood, because he was zealous on behalf of his God and thus made amends for the Israelites." [See here for the modern Jewish attitude towards Phinees...]

Doctrine of Lapse Modern states such as, for example, the USA, are established upon the principles of democracy.

Now, it is a basic principle of democracy, that when the state and / or its executors fail or act against the very purpose of their delegation to the position of authority that they have been advanced to, then they cease to possess that office; i.e. they lapse from office. After this de facto lapse, any pretended acts of authority are only impositions and robbery, acts of criminality, and to be treated as such. When 'Judge' Mildred Edwards committed her crime, she automatically and immediately ceased to be a judge and became a felon. When 'judge' James Hall, who heard the appeal in the case against the pornographic, blasphemous and sacrilegeous representation of our Lady of Guadalupe, perverted the course of justice, he automatically and immediately ceased to be a judge and became a felon.

Now there is no toleration at all of such felons, for they strike at the very heart of society, at the heart of morality. And therefore it is urgent to inflict condign and summary punishment upon these vermin.

Now, it is the fundamental tenet of democracy that a State only holds power by delegation and in trust for the citizen; therefore, when the State fails to prosecute felons and bring them to justice and to uphold law and order, the citizen is set free from any obligation to the State and is fully entitled to enforce Law and Order and to bring criminals to summary and condign justice, for the chastisement of criminals and for impressing one and all against their following the same course. This is my doctrine. Prax Maskaren (Lucio Mascarenhas)

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