Our Lady (an update)

Following my post yesterday, I emailed the museum asking to confirm or deny comments made by “La Voz de Aztlan”. The director of the museum, Joe Felz, was most graceful in replying promptly and sending me a press release issued on August 5. I reprint most of it here:

"The first article (in “La Voz de Aztlan”), written in the form of an open letter to me, alleged the Museum’s press release stated the exhibit would contain an artwork by Alma Lopez which the writer called “Guadalupe in a Bikini” (The actual title of the work in question, according to Ms. Lopez, is “Our Lady.”) The writer protested what he said was the inclusion of this artwork in our exhibit.

After reading the letter, I contacted Mr. Cienfuegos and told him the information he had published was inaccurate in that we were not - nor had we planned on - exhibiting the work in question. We were, in fact, planning to exhibit an entirely different work by Ms. Lopez titled “Maria de Los Angeles,” which honors a woman who has done much for the people of Los Angeles.

Rather than correcting his inaccurate article, Mr. Cienfuegos instead published a follow-up piece Aug. 3 which implied that, based on the information that he provided us, the “Lady” piece had been removed, and the Museum would “instead” exhibit “Maria de Los Angeles.” Again, this is a completely inaccurate statement on his part as the “Lady” piece was never considered for this exhibit.

The piece “Maria de Los Angeles” was selected months ago by our guest curator (Lynn LaBate) for inclusion in the exhibit. During the time she was researching possible artwork for the exhibit, our guest curator considered several of Ms. Lopez’ works, as well as works by numerous other artists. She eventually selected “Maria de Los Angeles” as the piece that best fit the curatorial themes in the exhibit".

August 06, 2004 | 10:43 AM


Inviting the lesbian Alma Lopez to exhibit her degenerate work at the Fullerton Musuem Center is a slap in the face against the Mexican American community. Joe Felz should be fired!
Maria de Los Angeles
Posted by: Maria de Los Angeles at August 21, 2004 06:35 PM