I am a Liberal Studies (Elementary Education) and Chicano Studies major at Loyola Marymount University. Once I graduate next year I will then embark on my new journey in graduate school to become a school counselor. Some of my goals are to write children’s books and possibly one day a novel.  I chose to do my website project on Denise Chavez because she writes on similar topics that I am also interested in writing about. In Contemporary Authors Online it documents a remark of Denise Chavez that is moving to me personally:

"I consider myself a performance writer. My training in theater has helped me to write roles that I myself would enjoy acting. My characters are survivors, and many of them are women. I feel, as a Chicana writer, that I am capturing the voice of so many who have been voiceless for years. I write about the neighborhood handymen, the waitresses, the bag ladies, the elevator operators. They all have something in common: they know what it is to love and to be merciful. My work as a playwright is to capture as best as I can the small gestures of the forgotten people, the old men sitting on park benches, the lonely spinsters inside their corner store. My work is rooted in the Southwest, in heat and dust, and reflects a world where love is as real as the land. In this dry and seemingly harsh and empty world there is much beauty to be found. That hope of the heart is what feeds me, my characters."

As a Chicana, Denise Chavez inspires me to keep reaching for my dreams of becoming an author and writing the stories down of those who matter to me the most as well as everyday people.