An LMU Department of Chicana/o Studies Student Website Project


This website is an activists/social justice project of the Spring 2009 Chicano/a Studies Course 302 (cross-listed with Women's Studies 342) at Loyola Marymount University.  This course was led by Visiting Lecturer Alma Lopez.

Each student researched, prepared and presented to the class a one page short biography on a Chicana/Latina artist, writer and activist and rationale for inclusion in this project. 

Using these biographies, we built our class list of artists, writers and activists for this website.  These are the Chicanas and Latinas the students selected to research and build websites.

Artists: Yreina Cervantez (Rosalie) • Diane Gamboa (Jessica) • Yolanda Lopez (Vianett) • Barbara Carrasco (Krystal) • Elsa Flores Almaraz (Esmeralda) • Tina Hernandez (Daisy)

Writers: Gloria Anzaldua (Lorena) • Denise Chavez (Nicole) • Angela de Hoyos (Jennifer) • Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (Julie) • Graciela Limon (Ralph) • Helena Maria Viramontes (Katie) • Migdalia Cruz (Christina)

Activists: Olga Talamante (Daniel) • Alicia Partnoy (Luz) • Dolores Huerta (Melissa) • Comandante Ramona (Rachel) • Martha Cotera (Patricia) • Rigoberta Menchu (Adan) • Felicitas Mendez (Luis)

Below is a list of additional names of Chicana/Latina artists, writers and activists which were part of our initial list.  Some already have websites, and others we hope to have the opportunity to research in the future.  It is our hope that this collaborative student project website may be continued to be worked in the future so that it may be more inclusive. 

Additional Artists: Laura Aguilar • Dolores Guerrero Cruz • Christina Fernandez • Amalia Mesa-Bains • Eva Perez • Patssi Valdez  • Santa Contreras Barraza

Additional Writers: Aurora Levins Morales • Maria Hinojosa • Emma Perez • Arlene Davila • Rosario Ferre Ramirez • Lucha Corpi • Judith Ortiz Cofer • Lorna Dee CervantesAlicia Gaspar de Alba Gloria VelasquezSandra Maria Esteves

Additional Activists: Enriqueta Vasquez • Vilma Martinez • Anna Nieto Gomez • Yolanda Retter Vargas • Betita Martinez • Dolores Lebron • Yolanda Alaniz • Felisa Rincon de Gautier • Elizabeth Toledo

Please note that these are not the personal nor professional nor official websites of these individuals.  This is a student project website, therefore there may be errors of citation, fact or attribution. Any errors are not intentional, but may be expected of such projects.  Please review with this in mind.

LMU Department of Chicana/o Studies 302 and 398 at the Yolanda Lopez book presentation at UCLA, March 2009.

This is an LMU Department of Chicana/o Studies student website project led by artist Alma Lopez.  Given that this is a student projects website, errors of citation, fact, or attribution are to be expected and are unintentional, therefore content should be contextualized, viewed, and reviewed with that in mind.