Teaching Projects at UCLA

Queer Arts in Los Angeles website

Queer Arts in LA website image

A student collaborative activist website started in 2012 and continued Winter 2016 and 2017 dedicated to research of Queer Artists in Los Angeles.

  • Queer Arts L.A.
  • Chicana Art & Artists art book project

    Chicana Art & Artists photo

    Students learn about Chicana Arts and Artists in the U.S. They also use of the artists drawing, painting and stencil methods to make their own art books. Here, students exhibit their art books at Untitled Cafe in Broad Art Building.

  • Chicana Art & Artists course discussion blog.
  • Censored: Art on Trial acrylic paintings

    Art & Censorship photo

    Students study art censorship cases and make their own small acrylic paintings.

  • Censored: Art on Trial course discussion blog.
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