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My name is Luz Jimenez. I am currently a junior English and Spanish double major and Chicana/o Studies minor at Loyola Marymount University. My interest for Alicia Partnoy was born from having read her book The Little School for one of my classes. As a Spanish major, it has been my pleasure to have taken a class with her. She shared some of her activism and history as a political prisoner in her class and it was wonderful hearing her story from her own mouth. I feel it was necessary for her story to be told. Even though she herself tours the nation telling her story, it is importnat that her suffering be well known and documented so that the world may never forget the atrocities that were committed against supposed rebels in Argentina during La Guerra Sucia. She is a woman whose strength I admire. In essence, this is a mini tribute to Dra. Partnoy, a woman of immense courage. In my feeble attempts at Dreamweaver and Photoshop, I hope this is a site that will at least probe your interest so that you may then take it upon yourself to learn more on Alicia Partnoy's struggle.