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Alicia Partnoy has established herself as a prolific author and poet. Her work revolves most promininetly around testimonials and issues of social justice. Her first book, The Little School is a profoundly touching account of her experiences as a political prisoner in Argentina. She tells her story at conferences and college campuses and holds poetry readings where she denounces the oppression and torture inflicted upon her and others by the armed forces of Argentina during La Guerra Sucia. Alicia Partnoy practices her activism most poignantly in her work. Below, please find a list of most of Alicia Partnoy's work for your personal enjoyment or reference. Learning the stories of women and men who have suffered for the betterment of our world is imperative. The more we know of oppression, the less likely we are to allow it again, the less likely we are to sit in silence when the opportunity to act presents itself.

Selected Publications:


  • La Escuelita-Relatos testimoniales. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Editorial La Bohemia, 2006.
  • Volando bajito-Little Low Flying. Poetry. Translated by Gail Wronsky-California: Red Hen Press, 2005.
  • The Little School. Tales of Disappearance and Survival in Argentina. San Francisco: Cleis Press, 1998 (2nd edit.) 1986 (1st ed.)-London: Virago Press, 1987. (The London Times Best Sellers List-Feb. 1987).
  • Revenge of the Apple-Venganza de la manzana. Poetry-Pittsburgh: Cleis Press, 1992.
  • You Can’t Drown the Fire: Latin American Women Writing in Exile. Editor. Pittsburgh: Cleis Press, 1988-London: Virago Press, 1989.
Editorial Work
  • Chicana-Latina Studies: The Journal of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social. Co- editor (4:1, 4:2, 5:1,5:2; 6:1) 2004-2006.
In Anthologies
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  In Journals
  • "Cuando Vienen Matando: On Prepositional Shifts and the Struggle of Testimonial Subjects for Agency." PMLA. Publications of the Modern Language Association of America. Vol. 121:5. October 2006, pp 1665-1669.
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